In today’s competitive world, time seems to be money for most organisations. Since we understand the value of time and how imperative it is for you to meet timelines so we can help you identify resources that have the ability to complete any given assignment within the given timeframe. The complete outsourcing model would be dependent on the time that is defined to completing the assignment.OIf you are looking for experts who need to be hired on a fixed price model then why not leave your requirements with us. We have expertise in staff augmentation and contract resources wherein we can help you identify and depute the right person for the right job on fixed pricing basis. We also have considerable experience in offering skilled resources for any job you may have in hand.

From large to medium to small sized organisations, we understand the challenges you may face in finding professionals who can take on a wide range of tasks to ensure your business does well. We would carefully screen each candidate before we present the person to you. This would save on your time and efforts and further ensure that you have the right candidate for the task.

Time and material can be well seen as a resource based model where the cost of the expert or resource engaged to take up the task would depend on key factors like time spent on completing the task and the number of resources adequate to bring the task to closure. Having mentioned that since time plays a critical role here so that doesn’t mean that we would hire anyone for the job. It is only through careful screening that we would recommend the person to you. After all both time and quality are two critical factors that cannot be overlooked or ignored.

At congentech technologies we believe that time is money and that if either of them not spent wisely would dampen the growth of any organization whether big or small. That is exactly why we help you find the right personnel who could passionately work for you and handle the tasks in stipulated time frames. This could mean it is worth the cost you are investing on such recruitments.

We have a step-by-step screening procedures that the personnel has to go through and only the qualified ones will be brought to you. At congentech technologies, we have expertise in hiring process and procedures and we constantly strive to bring only the best to you.