Organisations of today are seen to move towards a highly complex application landscape since this ensures that their end users are making best use of technologies that need to seamlessly run on a variety of platforms like cloud, mobile or even analytics. In fact there is a need to put in place a combination of enterprise applications and in-house software on a dedicated infrastructure which would ensure timely deployment of quality applications. For you to assure a flawless user experience and quality of this complex landscape testing is a very important and critical step.

With the emergence of a variety of technologies, evolution of distributed applications and increased focus on digitalization of products along with services, quality parameters have undergone a significant change. More and more companies are relying more on faster release cycles and adoption of agile and rapid methodologies that ensure the development of better applications tools.

At congentech technologies, we follow a very stringent testing process to ensure you receive applications that are totally bug free and completely compatible on the kind of platform you wish to run them on. In fact, our testing service includes a wide range of activities so that the end product that we offer you is to your satisfaction and there are no issues with its quality. Our core activities revolve around offering consulting, functionality testing as well as end to end documentation. The testing services and related activities are performed through a pool of talented professionals who have expertise in a wide range of testing environments.

We at congentech technologies integrate enterprise applications, infrastructure and in-house software for robust testing services. Our IT testing services enhance the performance of your business. Our innovative testing tools help your businesses with the following:

  • Deep emphasis on performance and security.
  • Catering to modern and legacy applications.
  • Application Optimization ensuring quality and state of the art IT engineering.