System level programming requires immense expertise and should only be handled by professionals who are well versed with coding techniques. Understanding what it takes to develop quality code for your system, we hire only the best programmers who can produce system applications that can seamless run on multiple hardware components.

Since this task also requires exposure to hardware and software so we carefully choose such candidates who have knowledge in both. Nowadays, the demand in embedded systems has risen and this is why we offer a specialised team of professionals who understand its functioning and can offer a wide range of solutions to take care of your business needs.

At Congentech technologies we have highly-skilled programmers who are adept in creating system applications that could successfully run on any hardware components. Our programmers are abreast with the latest software and hardware technologies and hence are extremely confident in writing system software for your enterprise. At Congentech technologies we are very fastidious in hiring only the most eligible programmers in terms of delivering your enterprise with only the best –in class services.

Our programmers are equipped with the following areas of expertise:

  • IBM Technologies
  • White Box testing
  • AIX testing Test director
  • Test Suite
  • Silk Test
  • Mercury Testing
  • Rational Robot Oracle Fusion
  • TIBCO Web Methods
  • PEGA


Congentech technologies also develop application on Windows Mobile Standard operating system by Microsoft. This OS is aimed at non-touch screen devices. Also, we develop application on Bada operation system platforms. This OS is developed by Samsung Electronics.

  • IBM Technologies
  • Service outsourcing
  • Resilience in business
  • Services related to integrated technology
  • Maintenance


    At Congentech technologies we have expertise in white box testing which takes on many other names like glass box testing, open box testing, structural testing, path driven testing or logic driven testing. Unlike black-box testing which tests the functionality of an application, this white-box testing tests the internal workings of an application. To perform this kind of testing, a programmer is expected to have rich knowledge on internal perspectives of systems and the concepts of in-circuit testing. And, we at Congentech hire only such professional with in-depth knowledge.


    AIX is the short form of “Advanced Interactive Executive”. Developed by IBM, AIX is a series of Unix operating systems. Hardware platforms like IBM RS/6000, Power-based systems, IBM System i, System/370, and Apple network servers are all supported by AIX. It is regarded as the first operating system that uses journaling file systems.


    Also known as validation suite, a test suite is a cluster of test cases designed to test software programs. A test suite can contain any of the functional and non-functional test types. This basically assists testers to execute and report execution status which could be any of the Active, In- progress and Completed status.


    Mercury is a collection of wide variety of testing tools. TestDirector is its most integrated test tool. Some of its other test tools include: Mercury WinRunner, Mercury business process testing, and Mercury LoadRunner..


    An automated functional, regression testing tool that runs on Windows, Java and other ERP applications is called Rational Robo. Common objects like menus, bitmaps and specialized test cases for objects related to development environment can all be obtained by Rational Robo.


    We at Congentech technologies have experts on resource software applications developed by Oracle Corporations. Oracle fusion is an enterprise resource planning software application. Oracle fusion application is developed by taking functions and features of Oracle E-Business suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel.

    Some of the categories of Oracle Fusion are as follows

  • Oracle fusion Governance, Risk, and compliance
  • Oracle fusion finance
  • Oracle fusion human capital management
  • Oracle fusion supply chain management


    At Congentech technologies we have a team of professionals who have expertise in software applications developed by TIBCO. TIBCO develops integration server software that aids any enterprise to collaborate application, legacy software and custom software and use in their networks.

    Some of the platforms that were developed by TIBCO are as follows:

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix
  • TIBCO LogLogic
  • TIBCO Spotfire


    WebMethods is an enterprise that develops business process integration software. We at Congentech technologies have experts in these integrated platforms that are both service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM). Their software basically supports a process-centered approach to your business challenges.


    At Congentech we hired experts who know how to work with PEGA, which is a robust business process management tool that works with OOP and Java concepts. Unlike conventional programming, PEGA does not require the building of systems from scratch, which makes it very ideal and flexible to work with.