To ensure that any staffing model is a complete success, it is essential that the underlying process is strong, flexible and is designed in such a way so that it meets your requirements. The process that we have developed till date is not only simple to follow but has been made flexible enough to meet most staffing requirements for multiple organisations.

  • Have a clear understanding of what our clients need and what they expect from us.
  • Define the appropriate skills and parameters based on which we would find the right kind of resources.
  • By means of various channels source appropriate candidates for the job.
  • Perform an internal assessment of the sourced profiles.
  • Do an extensive background check and verification of the candidate through a reliable third party.
  • Define the scope of the work with respect to contract duration or tenure.
  • Keeping track of compliance and ensuring all quality norms are met.
  • Offering invoices on timely basis as per terms of agreement and SLA to both the employer and employee.

Find the right employees to do the job for you. At congentech technologies, we have developed a comprehensive staffing process that is simple, cost-effective and sure to bring in positive outcome, if implemented appropriately. As a part of developing our process, we do the best we can in getting quality staffing around you.

Our staffing process involves the following of the steps:
  • Our first and foremost step will be planning of the manpower needed to match the job requirements as specified by the client.
  • The second step will be the recruitment phase where invitations will be sent to candidates whose profile matches the requirements in terms of skill sets and parameters mentioned. We source candidates using reliable multiple platforms
  • The third step is called screening, in which screening is done and the desired candidates will be given appointment. This is one of the most crucial steps..
  • Next, we take the responsibility in defining work contract durations and agreements.
  • We also take care of the service level agreement between the employer and the employee.
  • We finally ensure that all the quality standards are met as per the agreement.