For large enterprises Congentech offers a wide range of mainframe related solutions that can transform the way you do business today. At Congentech, we understand that your business capability lies on how you best manage data and information.

This is why we offer a wide spectrum of enterprise solutions like mainframe management so that you can easily meet your business goals and excel in your chosen domain. We have skillsets in IBM mainframes like the AS/400, OS/400, COBOL, DB2, IMS, Tandem, RPG, JCL, VSAM and a wide range of other software languages and tools.

We can help design and develop robust payroll applications, inventory management and other useful tools that can uplift your business capabilities

In order for an organization to excel, it is extremely important for it to diligently manage its data and information. In doing so, you could seek our mainframe related solutions. For heavy-duty data processing it important for enterprises to greatly rely on mainframes. These enterprise solutions were developed by skilled professionals at Cryptograph technologies.

Some of the aspects of IBM mainframes that we excel are as follows:

  • AS/400
  • OS/400
  • DB2
  • IMS
  • Tandem
  • RPG
  • JCL
  • VSAM


At Congentech, we have hired employees who have rich knowledge in AS/400 mainframe technology that was developed by IBM. It is the short form of “Application system/400’. It can successfully work on IBMs Operating System called ‘IBM I’. AS/400 is now called as iSeries and has the capability to handle terabytes of data and at the same time also has high retrieval speeds.


The Operating System used for AS/400 computers is called OS/400. This is also developed by IBM. At Congentech we have experts that can diligently work on IBM’s Linux implementation, Windows and UNIX applications.


It is short form of “Common Business Oriented Language”. Our professionals at Cryptograph work on his high-level programming language and help you develop a wide range of business applications. Some of the major business processes that COBOL is implemented are Reservation Systems, Inventory management, Accounting, and so fo


As a part of RDBMS which is an acronym for “Relational Database Management System”, DB2 makes its mark in dealing with database market performance and share. Developed by IBM, this database software is popular and gained itself many costumers. Cryptographs’ experts work on almost all the platforms like UNIX, LINUX, and Windows etc. in dealing with DB2.


IMS is the short form of “Information Management System”. It is developed by IBM and basically deals with database and its transactions. We at Congentech, hired dexterous professionals who can deal with entire IMSs hierarchical and transaction processing systems.


Tandem, is a fault-tolerant computer system for commercial transaction processing applications. We have an expertise in these Tandem applications as well.


At Congentech our consultants are not only skilled in latest mainframe languages, but also age old high-level programming languages (HLL) like RPG. It was developed by IBM and its later versions are found only on IBM i systems that run on IBM power i platforms. It is an acronym for “Rapid Program Generator”. The latest version of this business application is RPG 4.


This is an acronym for “Job Control Language”, a scripting language developed by IBM. It basically deals with starting a subsystem. There are two types of JCLs- one begins with DOS/360 which is for operating systems and the other which begins from OS/360 to z/OS.


Developed by IBM, VSAM allows you to access and organize records in data sets. Available under the MVS, ZOS, OS/390 operating systems, VSAM is a robust storage access method. It is an acronym for “Virtual Storage Access Method”.