So what really keeps you up at night? Let’s face it. If you are running an organisation then the chances are that the IT infrastructure may not be designed to help you cater to your current and future requirements. Since the opportunities, challenges and threats being faced by most companies of today can impact your business so you need to be really thoughtful about the infra that runs your business. You would have noticed that in such a short span of time digitalization has taken the market by storm. The expectations of customers and clients have changed drastically. So whether it is all about creating and spearheading a responsive, secure and highly flexible cloud strategy or deploying tools that would play a critical role in bringing a change to your business, you need a highly robust system backed up by an infra that can help you achieve your business goals.

It is without doubt that the IT infrastructure of any organisation can be seen as the backbone that helps run its core operations. It plays a critical role in helping you perform your day to day activities as well as critical decision making. It is only through effective infrastructure planning, management and support, are you able to establish seamless business operations. At congentech Technologies, we can help you design and develop a scalable and state of the art IT infra that can support not only your current business requirements would also serve any futuristic needs as well. As an integral part of our IT infra services we can help you with the following key offerings


From Server, Storage, Database to Backup and day to day application management, we offer an entire gamut of managed services which are vital for your day to day operations..


In order to ensure that you have a well maintained IT infrastructure, it is also critical to look into day to day issues that users may be facing. This is why we can help you manage and support any IT services by helping set up a fully robust IT service help desk. This desk would comprise of latest tools that would assist you in tracking, reporting and sending out any alerts whenever the need arises.


With our expertise now set up a robust data centre wherever you want. We have the knowledge of planning and strategizing as well as implementing the necessary infra required to help set up a data centre that can take care of your enterprise business needs..


Today, we have managed to establish a strong consulting and process framework that can easily handle all your migration and deployment requirements. Whatever software you wish to migrate or deploy, with our expertise you can be sure that it would be done to your satisfaction

At congentech technologies we take pride in maintaining solid portfolio of infrastructure services. Our services enhance the quality and production of your enterprise. congentech strongly believes that infrastructure is the backbone to any business. We maintain a database collection of resources that supports your firm’s information technology environment. At congentech technologies we use robust technologies like cloud computing, other wireless networks, wide area networks and so forth. At congentech technologies we take complete responsibility of your firms infrastructure planning and maintenance.

Some of the Infrastructure services we provide are as follows:

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Maintenance


With increase in the cost of maintenance of IT infrastructure, planning could be a daunting task, especially when cost-effectiveness is what the clients are looking for. Our Infrastructure planning service is an effective approach towards your ITs goals. congentech’s infrastructure planning service takes care of all the core aspects of your firms information technology and defines what is needed to improve it .There is a series of evaluation processes that would take place which involves, changes in data base management, hardware/software , cost evaluation and also company’s market evaluation. Our powerful infrastructure planning helps you collaborate new technologies that are useful and yet not very expensive to the needs and goals of your enterprise..


As a part of Infrastructure maintenance, we at congentech technologies manage all the core functionalities of IT infrastructure. The following are the aspects of infrastructure maintenance:

  • Data storage management
  • Server consolidation and management
  • Administration upgrades
  • Support of network infrastructure.
  • Production applications
  • software and hardware operations
  • backup implementation
  • business continuity plans