OIf you are looking for experts who need to be hired on a fixed price model then why not leave your requirements with us. We have expertise in staff augmentation and contract resources wherein we can help you identify and depute the right person for the right job on fixed pricing basis. We also have considerable experience in offering skilled resources for any job you may have in hand.

From large to medium to small sized organisations, we understand the challenges you may face in finding professionals who can take on a wide range of tasks to ensure your business does well. We would carefully screen each candidate before we present the person to you. This would save on your time and efforts and further ensure that you have the right candidate for the task.

As a part of staffing services, we at congentech technologies offer our fixed price solutions helping you hire right personnel for a right job on fixed price basis. We have expertise in helping organizations hire staff that not only work efficient but also dedicate their full knowledge and expertise in growing with the organization. At congentech technologies we help you with that task. We take care of your hiring process, thereby saving you time and effort of searching and recruiting them..

One of the important fixed price solutions would be fixed price contracts. In this type of contract, the buyer and seller agrees on the final price of the service or a product. However, there would be a set of terms in the contract that needs to be abided by both the parties.:

The following are some of the advantages of fixed price contracts:

  • A fixed-price contract offers stability to both the parties. This could mean a predictability scenario.
  • A fixed-price solution offers budget stability, and does not really have to worry about ever fluctuating market trends.
  • With fixed-price solutions one can greatly reduce falling in the risks off going off- budget.
  • By following the terms of agreement, one can secure a fixed price and that cannot change as long as the agreement stays active.