If you are looking for ways to manage the content residing on various platform on a day to day basis then we have the ultimate solution for you. Documentum – an enterprise content management platform is both successful and effective in helping you manage anytime, anywhere business content.

We can help hire professionals for you who have the capability of developing applications and other modules using tools like DQL/API, LDAP which can run seamlessly on Content Transformation servers. These are compatible with various web publishing tools and workflows.

Managing your organizations’ huge volumes of data that comes from various sources and platforms on day to day basis could be a daunting task, especially when there are loads of data and multiple platforms to get from. That is exactly when Congentech come into picture. We maintain our robust content management platform called Documentum, which enables access of your information anytime and from almost anywhere.

We can provide assistance in recruiting skilled professionals who can diligently make use of tools like DQL/API, LDAP that run on content transformation.

  • LDAP


If you want to access your enterprise content server, API is the programming interface that could be used. Just like SQL, DQL is also a query language which can used to retrieve metadata. API and DQL have IAPI and IDQL as their interfaces.


Is the short form of “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol”. We at Congentech have expertise in this robust LDAP domain. LDAP basically is used by emails and many other programs searching for information from servers. LDAP is also used for encryption certificates and many other services on the networks. LDAP servers basically consist of three levels which are big public servers, small LDAP servers and large organizational servers. LDAP can be utilized for connecting, searching and changing internet based directories.